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Welcome to Rachel Ludwig Photography!

Come on in, grab a cup of coffee (or in my case, that would be a non-fat, sugar-free vanilla, earl grey tea misto) and take a browse through my site. This is where I share images from recent sessions, post updates about Rachel Ludwig Photography, and sometimes I even sneak in a few pictures of my own family.

Want to know a little bit more about me? I've been married to my husband Tim for 11 years, and we have three loud, crazy and fun kids: Ethan (7), Arden (3) and Hudson (1). I also love to take pictures. I'm a lifestyle portrait and wedding photographer based in Abbotsford, BC and I photograph a little bit of everything, including babies, bellies, families, engagements, boudoir and weddings.

Oh....and don't be shy! You can leave a comment, pop me an email or use the contact form at any time. I promise I don't bite. :) I'd love to hear from you!

(Photo byTraci at Real Photography.)

Lucy & Alyssa | Abbotsford Mom and Baby Photography

This was a super duper quick mini session! And I mean quick…less than 5 minutes I think. It was freezing cold out, Lucy was ready for a nap and I was having some battery issues. But the sun was out, and I had an adorable one-year-old and her beautiful mama in front of my camera. It doesn’t get much better than that! For the first year of Lucy’s life, Alyssa called her “newborn”, and it still cracks me up :) . I felt the same way with my last one, it’s so hard to watch them grow up, and I still miss the baby-stage (although I certainly don’t miss the toddler stage!!). There is something special about the bond with ‘the baby’, isn’t there? So glad I was able to capture a few images of this special time in their life.

I am so thankful for Alyssa…we got to know each other some four years ago when we were both pregnant our number threes and our common love of photography was just the start of our friendship. She is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. This woman is an amazing mama, wife, friend, etc. She inspires me and I am so thankful for our friendship. :) It’s always a treat to have her in front of my camera (she is so photogenic! the camera loves her), and I can’t wait to be in front of her camera later on this year!

Gavin | Langley Newborn Photography

This handsome little guy is my newest nephew, and I was thrilled to have him and all his adorable squishiness in front of my camera. He was born looking exactly like his dad, and he officially has the most fabulous baby facial expressions ever! :) The first images were captured at the hospital when he was one day old. I still can’t get over how alert he was, and definitely a pro at sucking his thumb. We will gloss over the fact that while I was taking these pictures, my children were wretchedly and embarrassingly misbehaved. Some days I think back fondly to the days of a quiet sleeping infants in the carseat and miss it! We did the rest of the session when he was one week old, and he did wonderfully.

It’s been wonderful to see my baby sister as a mama. Growing up we always knew she was born to be a mother, but it’s still pretty neat to see her settling in and enjoying her new role. He is one lucky little guy to have these two as his parents. Gavin just happens to be a baby rockstar too; super easy-g0ing (just like his mama) and sleeping like a champ. Congrats again Elsa & Derek, I am so honored to have captured this amazing and special time in your lives. Wishing you many blessings with your little guy!

I loved these in black and white. Love seeing a brand new family of three together <3

I did mention the hilarious facial expressions, right?

Check out some out-takes from our session, I am still cracking up over all the awesome faces! :)


Raiden | Abbotsford Baby Photographer

Loved meeting this handsome little guy and having him in front of my camera. It’s always so neat for me that I get to photograph such important life events for people, and I love seeing ‘my’  families grow! Once Raiden settled in, he was so sleepy and cuddly and was game for just about anything. It was so wonderful to see Tricia and Bryan settling so comfortably into life with a newborn. With three proud older siblings, doting grandparents and an inquisitive dog sibling (can’t forget Lemmy!), there’s no shortage of love and attention for Raiden in this household. He’s one lucky and loved little boy.

Bryan is a huge rock ‘n roll fan, and has the most amazing collection of memorabilia. Of course we had to include

his ‘man-cave’ in the session! Thanks for being game Bryan! I’m sure Raiden will be rockin’ along with you in no time :)

So sweet and adorable. I was really tempted to sneak him into my camera bag and take him home with me! :)

I have a sneaking suspicion they would have noticed though ;)

Enjoy your sneak peek! I am so honoured that you asked me to capture this special time in Raiden’s life. :)

Aiden | Chilliwack Newborn Photography

This sweet little guy decided to make his appearance six weeks early, and had to spend some time in the hospital before he came home. Thankfully he is doing wonderfully; he’s growing well and doing all those things newborns are supposed to do. :) As a result of his early arrival, me being out of the country for two weeks, and Christmas, Aidan was almost 2 months old by the time we could do his newborn session. The good thing with preemies, is that they are still technically newborns, which meant that he performed fabulously and we were able to get a wonderful variety of sleeping and awake shots. Yay Aiden! You were fabulous!

Thank you Lisa and Steve for allowing me to capture this special time in Aiden’s life. Enjoy your sneak peek!


I heart that shot where’s he’s smiling at his daddy. One of the benefits of an older baby is ‘real’ smiles! :)

That family shot. sigh. Watching parents fall in love with their baby is the best thing ever.

One of my newborn best sellers is this 20×20 storyboard. I love all the little toes, hands and of course the belly button! :)


Tricia | Abbotsford Maternity Portraits

I was thrilled when Tricia contacted me to see if I could take her maternity and newborn photos. Even though I’m not officially taking on any sessions right now, I hold a special place in my heart for clients who have been in front of my camera before…you can check out Tricia & Bryan’s engagement pictures and wedding photos for a little trip down memory lane. I’m pretty sure these two are  the sweetest couple I know, it’s quite adorable to watch how in love they are after more than 10 years together. It wasn’t hard to get these two to be romantic for the camera…and they totally knew the drill too, hold the pose/smooch/hug for more than 30 seconds! :) It was so great to catch up with you two, can’t wait to meet your little one and have him or her in front of my camera. Thanks for being so amazing! Enjoy your sneak peek:


This first image I took right after I arrived at the park, thinking of blowing it up big for the big blank wall in my family room…thoughts?

I loved the contrast of Trish’s red sweater with the muted landscape.

My absolute favorite image of the day…doesn’t she looks stunning? She knows how to work the camera, that’s for sure!

Seriously, that picture of Tricia , the upside down, blows me away. GORGEOUSNESS!!All the best with these last few weeks of pregnancy, I hope they go smoothly and quickly! Can’t wait to hear the good news :)




Lisa | Chilliwack maternity photographer

Lisa selected one of my very favorite locations for her maternity session, and we had the most perfect fall sunshine filtering through the trees at the hazelnut orchard. I have to say that it’s been one of the most beautiful fall in memory, lots of sunshine and beautiful fall colors…it doesn’t get much better than that. I’m so thankful we haven’t had the typical rainy fall that is so common to this area.  Lisa and Steve also brought along their beautiful bull-mastiff puppy Sophie, I can’t believe that she is only 8-months old as she was super well behaved. I’m so glad we were able to grab a few shots with her in them.

Lisa and Steve, it was so wonderful to meet you. One of my favorite parts of being a photographer has always been arriving to a session to meet some strangers, and leaving as friends. I truly enjoyed our morning together! I hope you enjoy these images…can’t wait to hear for the good news of your little guy’s arrival and have him in front of my camera sometime this winter :) All the best in these last few months!

This first image is one of my absolute favorites :)

the first one of this set too…swoon. Another favorite!

and the one of their adorable puppy giving me some inquisitive puppy eyes. :)

and…the first one of this set. love the trees, the pop of red, the forehead kiss. So perfect! You guys are amazing :)

We also stumbled on this power line graveyard with the most perfect sunshine and a bit of grass. happiness to a photographer is pretty simple!

Thanks again you two, you were amazing! Enjoy your sneak peek…I’ll be in touch soon!