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Welcome to Rachel Ludwig Photography!

Come on in, grab a cup of coffee (or in my case, that would be a non-fat, sugar-free vanilla, earl grey tea misto) and take a browse through my site. This is where I share images from recent sessions, post updates about Rachel Ludwig Photography, and sometimes I even sneak in a few pictures of my own family.

Want to know a little bit more about me? I've been married to my husband Tim for 11 years, and we have three loud, crazy and fun kids: Ethan (7), Arden (3) and Hudson (1). I also love to take pictures. I'm a lifestyle portrait and wedding photographer based in Abbotsford, BC and I photograph a little bit of everything, including babies, bellies, families, engagements, boudoir and weddings.

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(Photo byTraci at Real Photography.)

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

This is a bit of this and that kind of post…the first days of school, momentous teeth occasions, and the last few days of summer all documented with a few photos (and lots of jabbering from me, which you are most welcome to ignore. I can get a little verbose when it comes to my kiddos!).

It’s been a super busy few weeks as I’m wrapping up my final shoots before my maternity leave. Today I did a commercial shoot for Vanderpol’s Eggs, tomorrow is my last (but certainly not least!) wedding of the season for Darlene & Larry, and on Monday I’m going to be doing a shoot involving some horses and their owners at Campbell Valley Park. Add into that portrait orders, assembling albums, answering emails, lots of editing, and more…it’s been busy. But I’m loving (almost!) every moment of it, and I know I’m going to miss it when I’m in the middle of kid and babyland in the next few months.

Amidst the busy-ness, I still try to take the time to pull out my camera to capture my family and the every day stuff that happens around here. Sometimes I go into photo session mode trying to get the ‘perfect’ shot, but I usually try to let the perfectionist side of me go and just grab some fun shots. That in the end turn out to be perfect in their own way because they capture a slice of our life.

So here’s a few from my son Ethan’s first day of school, losing his top two front teeth, and an afternoon spent outside with Arden picking blackberries and lounging on the grass.

First day of Grade 1 (where did my little boy go??). A little apprehensive, but excited too…he settled right in when he found the place to hang his backpack and his desk all set up with a little project to start the day:

From the first day of school too. He had just lost one of his very very loose top teeth, and after the blood and tears were over, he was pretty darn proud of it (and mom was excited that he was going to have a missing tooth for his Grade One school pictures!).

The second one was just hanging there by a thread, so we finally convinced him it needed a little more encouragement to come out. Let’s just say he was excited after it was out. Most certainly not during what he deemed to be a harrowing dental procedure.

We’ve been enjoying the nice weather the last few days…I’d be quite happy if the warmth and sunshine continued all the way until October (even though my swollen feet might not be so keen on that idea)! So Arden and I headed outside to see if we can find a few blackberries. Yum!

“Six for me, one for you mom! Hey, stop taking my picture and eat! Eat, eat EAT Mom!” (ok, that was a translation of what she would be saying if she was fully verbal at this point, which she’s not yet, but the Eat, eat EAT part was! LOL). And yes, it’s quite common for her to be this dirty…she just happens to be a total dirt magnet.

This girl pulls the craziest faces. She was having fun trying to run away from me as I tried to keep her close with my feet and snap a few shots. She thinks exercises like these are a ton of fun, and they generally result in about 47 blurry shots, and one keeper. And the one keeper was most definitely worth it, as was hearing the giggles that resulted from our little game. (oh, and those are blackberry seeds in her teeth, not cavities or fillings!)

I’ll be back next week with some sneak peeks. Stay tuned!



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Nicki Bavis - I thought to just pop in today. Wow, even though I realize Ethan is the same age as Riley, seeing Ethan in grade 1 blows me away! How time flies. Hope you are all well.

Heather M. - Man, your kids are growing up fast! So great to see photos of them again! :)

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