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Welcome to Rachel Ludwig Photography!

Come on in, grab a cup of coffee (or in my case, that would be a non-fat, sugar-free vanilla, earl grey tea misto) and take a browse through my site. This is where I share images from recent sessions, post updates about Rachel Ludwig Photography, and sometimes I even sneak in a few pictures of my own family.

Want to know a little bit more about me? I've been married to my husband Tim for 11 years, and we have three loud, crazy and fun kids: Ethan (7), Arden (3) and Hudson (1). I also love to take pictures. I'm a lifestyle portrait and wedding photographer based in Abbotsford, BC and I photograph a little bit of everything, including babies, bellies, families, engagements, boudoir and weddings.

Oh....and don't be shy! You can leave a comment, pop me an email or use the contact form at any time. I promise I don't bite. :) I'd love to hear from you!

(Photo byTraci at Real Photography.)

Ludwigs | California 2012

Oh summer, how I miss you! Especially after going through these pictures from a session on a beautiful warm sunny beach in California this summer. It seems like a really really long time ago that we were there, and I am thinking this family is thinking the same thing as they very patiently waited for me to edit these images! My family members always end up near the bottom of my editing list (I mean, they do make it before MY pictures, if that’s any consolation!) so I am very thankful for their patience and the occasional nudge :) .

This year was a special (coughFORTIETHcough) birthday for my brother-in-law Bart (or as the singer at Disneyland who serenaded him for his birthday called him: Big Bad Buffalo Bart) and they celebrated with a family trip to the Grand Canyon and California! My sister-in-law Colleen asked us if we wanted to surprise Bart for a portion of the trip. So we decided to head south for an adventure of our own (if I ever get around to editing my images from this trip I will share here!) and we managed to see the Oregon coast and dunes, San Francisco, Yosemite, San Diego and Disneyland into an amazing 3.5 week trip. Definitely one that we will remember for a lifetime. The highlight of the trip was meeting up with this family in Anaheim and spending a few days visiting Disneyland/California Adventure, hitting the pool at the RV park, and a trip to Crystal Cove Beach. As far as the surprise aspect, we almost pulled it off. That is, until the staff member at the RV park spilled the beans when Bart & Colleen checked in 15 minutes before we did! Fortunately it didn’t ruin the surprise, and we were glad that Bart was pretty thrilled to have us there to celebrate his special day!

During our trip to the beach we did a very quick family session….so glad I was able to capture some totally different images from our typical cold/fall/Calgary pictures that we do every year. Thanks for being in front of my family again, it’s a treat every year to capture your beautiful family. I hope these pictures bring back memories from a wonderful trip, and help warm you up in your current winter wonderland. :)

Such a gorgeous beach, and beautiful light. Add in a gorgeous family and it is truly a photographer’s dream!

Oh what I would give to live here…a girl can dream, right? :)

Love this family! I have loved seeing these kids grow up, so thrilled that even though we live far apart we have such a great connection!

I love that Bart is comfortable enough to pull out a bit of the crazies for my camera. He knows I will post them too! ;)
Love that his kids aren’t shy in front of my camera either!

Thanks for your patience guys! Hope you enjoy the sneak peek :)

Carson Family | Abbotsford Family Photographer

How do I sum up in a few sentences, how thankful I am for the person who changed my life? I don’t think I can, and I may have already tried a few times…but I will try again. A year ago I was overweight, stressed out and not very happy with myself. Our little family of five had had a few rough and stressful years, and they had left their toll. Somehow Jody convinced me to start coming to the gym…and my life and the scale started to change. It’s crazy to think it’s been a year and 40 pounds ago that this journey started. I’m pretty convinced that I have never felt better in my entire life. Not only am I healthier and fit on the outside, I also feel so much better on the inside too…I have more energy than I’ve had in years, and I can honestly say that exercise is pretty much the best anti-depressant ever :) . I won’t lie and say it was easy. It’s still a choice I make every day to put healthier food in my body and to find the time to go to the gym, but it’s definitely been worth all the time, sweat and (maybe a few) tears.

I know I couldn’t have done this without Jody…she truly has a special gift as a trainer. She is someone who motivates and encourages and pushes you to work harder and give 110%. She has overcome some pretty big hurdles in her own life, which makes her even more inspiring. We like to give her a hard time about the ‘torture chamber’ and the crazy workouts she puts us through, but secretly we love it. We love how hard she pushes us (and by us, I mean the amazing group of women who I am so thankful to call my friends. They too have been a big part of my journey) and that she’s always finding new ways to challenge us and push us harder. So while ‘thank-you’ seems so insignificant, I am beyond grateful for the impact that this amazing and talented lady has had on my life. I know God places people on your path for a reason, and I know without a doubt that He placed Jody in my life. These images are just a very small way that I can say ‘thank-you’ to her for changing my life.

Enough about me and onto the pictures of this fabulous family. I was pretty thrilled when Jody and I started talking about doing a photoshoot….Not only are they a gorgeous family, but they have a beauty that  is more than skin deep. What I really love to do is capture a family’s story, and this was a truly fun, thoughtful and awesome family that I loved having in front of my camera. I’ve had the chance to get to know Jody over the last year, it was so neat to get to know her family too and I loved seeing her with the three most important people in her life. I spent a lot of time cracking up at the jokes, one liners and the facial expressions going on, and I really enjoyed seeing their family dynamic. These kids have some spunk (they come by it honestly!) and the silly glasses were the perfect addition to their session (Dylan especially loved being able to pick his nose! haha). Jody and I had spent some time scouting locations, and we found some new-to-me spots to use for their session. I will also add, that this was the last nice and sunny day that we had before the  monsoons rain started. It was perfect!

Thank you Carsons, it was truly an honor to capture your family. There are many many more images to come…it was extremely hard to narrow down my favorites to share! Can’t wait for you to see them all. In the meantime, here is a little taste from your session:

So glad we were able to capture some fall colors!

Loved the blanket that was made by Jody’s grandma!

And umm…one seriously hot couple! You guys were smokin’ hot! :)

I could have photographed them all day long. Can’t get over how gorgeous they are!!

Dhesi Family | Abbotsford Family Portraits

Over the last year, I got the chance to know Narbi through our workout classes at the gym and she is a never ending source of laughs, encouragement and great workouts! Thanks for being so inspiring Narbi, you are beautiful inside and out and I am so glad that we got the chance to meet and know each other. Class is never boring when you are there, that’s for sure! :) . I loved that you helped keep me on track this summer with the fab workouts you put together for us, and managed to to drag us all out of bed at a horrific time even though it was summer and vacation time. haha.

I was thrilled when she asked me to take their family pictures, and I loved meeting her hubby and girls And seriously…I can’t get over how beautiful they all are! Talk about a gorgeous family that was a breeze to photograph. I also really love that they dressed up for their pictures, it gives an elegant feel to their images that I adore. After a dreary weekend, we also ended up with some lovely sunlight…and sun + photos makes me so happy.

Thanks Dhesi family for being a pleasure to photograph! You have a sweet and beautiful family, and my camera absolutely loved you. I had so many favorites, there’s lots more where these came from and I can’t wait for you to see them all! Enjoy your sneak peek. :)

The hazelnut orchard never disappoints and I love how nicely it worked with their outfits:

I love these sister shots…I loved capturing their relationship. They were so sweet and cute together!

I love love love the picture of Jad whispering sweet (or not so sweet!) nothings into Narbi’s ear with her laughing. LOVE it!
And did I mention GORGEOUS? Seriously good looking family! :)

The Neufelds | Abbotsford Family Photography

This family has grown near and dear to my heart over the last few years.  I am so blessed by this friendship, and I love that our kids and hubbies get along too!  Lindsay and I met when our middle children went to preschool together several years ago and since then we’ve become good friends.This woman is seriously supermom….she makes having 5 children – 1 almost teenager, 3 who are triplets and one special needs child – look almost easy. She is super organized, always looks amazing, and her kids are fantastic kids! And did I mention that her home is pretty much immaculate every time I am there? I don’t know how she does it (and thinking I need to take some more tips from her)! She also happens to be my go to person for fashion advice as she is always up on all the latest trends. A pretty handy friend to have for more than a few reasons. And not to leave Brad out, as he’s a pretty hands on and involved dad. Loved seeing him interacting with the kids, and Stella definitely has him wrapped around her little was neat to see how much she adores her daddy.

Lindsay and I do some child care trading with our younger two, and I usually have Stella come visit once a week. This sweet little girl has a very special place in my heart. She has a heart of gold, and you can’t help but fall in love with her when she gives you big (usually slobbery! haha) hugs or comes up and holds your hand and doesn’t want to let go.  It has been amazing to see her progress and grow over the last few years. She works incredibly hard for every milestone she has achieved, and it’s been fun cheering her on and encouraging her along the way…she has some serious spunk and determination and I am so proud of her! I am especially pleased that mine and Hudson’s name are among some of the first names outside of her family she learned how to say! :)

I am so honored that I had this family in front of my camera. These kids were seriously well behaved, which made my job super easy! I had such a hard time narrowing down the shots as there were so many to choose from (definitely a good problem to have!). It’s not very often that with a family of this size you get so many pictures where everyone is actually looking, I definitely did the happy dance as I was editing the images from their session. I am pretty convinced that Brad and Lindsay have developed some parenting super powers (I think you need to in order to survive with five kids! :) ) . Take for instance, the fact that the triplets are named Aidan, Bailey and Cole (A, B, C…get it?). Also, she has dressed them in color specific clothes from day one so you can tell the two identical ones apart (although they now wear almost matching scars on the opposite sides of their forehead, another helpful piece of identification). Bailey wears blue, Aidan green, etc, so it’s easier not to mix them up.

I could go on longer about this fabulous and gorgeous family, but I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking:


One seriously gorgeous family!

I did mention Lindsay’s amazing fasion sense, right? As evidenced by the great clothing choices she made for their session.

Loved how this session popped against the neutral background of the grasses and trees!

A big thanks to my friend Karin…she told me how she gets these great shots on the hill.

I was so excited to use the technique for this session. Thanks Karin! :)

Thanks again Neufelds…I loved capturing your family! Enjoy your sneak peek :)

Louwerse Family – Part 1 | Fort Langley Family Photography

It’s always an honor and a pleasure to have good friends in front of my camera…I was thrilled that Karin asked me to take some pictures of her and her family. But, I have to admit, I was super nervous about this session….as many of my readers know, Karin is a wonderful photographer, and it’s always a little nerve wracking photographing a photographer. But, having known Karin for many many years (I still remember when she first came to our school in grade 3 or 4 and had the best headband ever with colorful twirly ribbons on it…and ok that was really just a few years ago, right?) we got busy chatting about kids and photography between taking pictures, baby feeding, playing in the sand, running after playing boys…and before I knew it the sun was starting to set and our session was over. I loved having this sweet family in front of my camera again. I feel so fortunate to have been able to capture each of their boys as a baby. And while summer holidays may have gotten in the way of a newborn session with James, I was still so glad we got to capture this fun, crazy and happy time in their lives as a family of five. Thanks so much for your friendship Karin, so thankful for our coffee visits, phone calls and for our very own photo shoot that was just a few days after this one. So excited that we got to be in front of your camera!

I am super thrilled that our wonderful friend and photographer Wenda Sikma came along as well (her calming influence definitely helped my nerves) and I know that she got some amazing shots as well :) Karin, you know you are a celebrity when you have not one but two photographers taking pictures of you and your family! I think Wenda will be posting some images on her blog, so be sure to check back there to see her captures as well.

On another (techy photographer) note…I finally bit the bullet and bought a new camera! Super pumped to be shooting with the new Canon 5D Mark III. After using the original 5D for several years, I was thrilled to upgrade (and did I mention? I got the camera the day before their session. A little stressful and exciting all at the same time!). The color out of this camera is beyond amazing, and the images below had very little processing done to them. And the sheer number of focal points is enough to make my heart pitter-patter. :)

As a photographer, you are rarely in front of the camera, so the focus of this session was lots of pics with Karin IN them!

It’s always a bonus when you have a gorgeous subject like Karin to photograph (and a super cute baby!).

I really could photograph her all. day. long.
She is so incredibly beautiful and photogenic!

These boys are full of spunk and definitely kept us on our toes. But they are so darn cute you just can’t resist.
I mean seriously, check out Matthias’ muscle pose! And that handsome smile from the new kindergartener Noah:

Stay tuned for part 2…we ended the session with some beautiful beach shots of Karin and James, plus some more lovely family shots! More to come soon :)

Kropp Family | Cultus Lake Family Photography

I was thrilled when Corina contacted me for a family session…they are a beautiful family, inside and out, and I loved having them in front of my camera! It may or may not be a very special milestone birthday this year for Corina (wink, wink), and this session was a great way to capture this special time in their life. I met Corina through church, and she always has a smile and kind word. She truly epitomizes what it is to be a mom, wife and woman of faith. She is super inspiring, and as I mentioned to them during their session, Corina = sunshine + happiness. :) We had a lot of fun planning this session, and I loved that they were game for almost anything (even climbing over dirty railroad ties. Thank you!!).

We spent a lovely evening out in the Cultus Lake area, and the little downpour that occurred happened while we were driving and certainly didn’t dampen our spirits. I have to say, that these were some of the nicest and best behaved kids…They are at a great age (no toddler drama and no teenage attitude! haha) and whle Darryl may have taken a little coaxing (don’t worry, most men do LOL), we got some amazing images. I feel so honored that I was asked to do this session, thank you for trusting me with capturing your family!

As you might see below I had the hardest time picking my favorites, so be prepared for image overload of this fabulous family of five. :)

Corina and I were emailing back and forth on outfits…I absolutely love what she picked out. Coordinating but not too matchy, and perfect for the surroundings:

Corina has a special love for daisies (their daughter is even named Daisy!) and we were thrilled to find this field with daisies.

See those balloons? I brought them along for the session, but I was super disappointed that they flew away before we had the chance to use them.

Time for an outfit change…again, impeccable taste! Love how perfectly my vintage quilt worked here too.

And check out those fabulous shoes and gorgeous dress, it’s THE dress (you’ll have to ask her the story sometime, it’s so sweet).

Love that she wore it for this session :)

Meet Frodo. At two years old, he’s an incredibly well behaved Goldendoodle and he even posed for me :)
And of course a visit to Cultus Lake wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Frosty’s ice-cream. A well earned treat after all the pictures!

I did mention there were lots of pictures, right? Our last stop was this perfectly fabulous and run down gas station.

Thank you so very much Corina, Darryl, Colton, Levi and Daisy. I had so much fun photographing your sweet family! Enjoy your sneak peek…I will be in touch soon with your slideshows!

PS. A big thanks to Kevi from Twig Home for lending us the white chair, and my friend Karin for the crates, they worked perfectly.

Corina brought along the other chair which she got from her Oma (I love incorporating special items into sessions!)